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The 9th Annual International Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest to benefit the Center for Honeybee Research
Thursday June 11 from 5:30-8:30pm,Renaissance Hotel, 31 Woodfin St, Asheville. They have their own beehives up on their roof!


  1. Entrees must be submitted by a beekeeper and be pure unadulterated honey produced by his or her bees.
  2. Entrees must be bottled in (3) one lb. glass jars. 1 jar shall be without identifying marks, while the other two must have the beekeeper’s label attached as he or she would when offering their honey for sale. None of the three will be returned. The labeled bottles will be sold as a fund-raiser for the activities of the Center. (If shipping, entry may arrive in one unbreakable container – u.s quart or European liter size – and the Center will transfer to queenline glass jars.) NOTE: If entry is shipped in plastic the Center will rebottle in glass for the purposes of the judging. Please include (2)unattached labels sized no more than 2.5 x 3″ / 6.35 cm x 7.5cm area)
  3. A ten dollar (US) entree fee must accompany each entry with completed entry form – downloadable from this site, or registered online and paid by credit card. (Fill in form on page, click on “submit” – you will be asked if you have a PayPal account. Select the lower option to use your credit card.) Checks and money orders accepted.
  4. Entrees must be postmarked to the Center no later than December 31, 2019. Shipments should be addressed to: Center for Honeybee Research, 22 Cedar Hill Road, Asheville, NC 28806
  5. An e-mail address is required and will be used to update contestants about judging, awards, and related news as details become available. Beekeeping affiliations may be useful in vetting entries.