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The 9th Annual International Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest to benefit the Center for Honeybee Research
Thursday June 11 from 5:30-8:30pm,Renaissance Hotel, 31 Woodfin St, Asheville. They have their own beehives up on their roof!


At the Center we consciously trim overhead to the bare minimum while utilizing volunteers to find solutions.

When asked about the million dollar grant he got from federal funds allocated to find the cause of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)- one of our guest speakers turned and pointed a finger. “Let me tell you something – (his demeanor eased though clearly he didn’t consider the question a joking matter) – “It wasn’t a million dollars… but let’s say it was. Right off the bat the University takes $500,000 for “administration”. What’s left goes to overhead, and utilities – I’ve got paid staff and technicians and laboratory supplies. So that million dollars becomes $10,000 to do actual research.”

The story is similar at other Universities and at the USDA Honeybee labs – where most funds are eaten up by overhead – if not eliminated by budget cuts. It’s a fact too much of every dollar is wasted reaching outcomes that don’t provide new information.

Currently we are reviewing a number of potential studies for future funding. We are entering our 7th year of ‘Project Genesis‘ – a longitudinal study comparing management strategies, and we are pioneering the open-source collection of data from around the world via real time online monitoring.