13th Annual | 2024 Results

The Winners of the 13th Annual International Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest are…

Grand Prize: David Schoonover, Sandia Park, New Mexico, USA

The 13th annual International Honey Tasting Competition was held along with our Third Annual Asheville Honey Fest at The Salvage Station.  The Grand Prize for the World’s Best Tasting Honey was announced on June 2nd!

Here are the 13th Annual Black Jar International Honey Contest Winners and Finalists:

Grand Prize:

  • David Schoonover, Sandia Park, New Mexico, USA

Category Winners:

  • Celio HM da Silva, Santa Catarina, Brazil | WORLD | LIGHT HONEY
  • Eugene Zuspan, Albany, New York, USA | NORTH AMERICA| LIGHT HONEY
  • Martin Volansky, Bardejov, Slovakia | WORLD | MEDIUM
  • John Rowton, Bismark, Arkansas, USA | NORTH AMERICA | MEDIUM
  • Andrea Viszlai, Budapest, Hungary | WORLD | DARK
  • David Bock, Altadena, California, USA | NORTH AMERICA | DARK
  • Gokhan Aydogdu, Mt. Ida, Turkey | WORLD | MONOFLORAL “Agnes Castus”
  • Kunai Singh, Himachal, India | WORLD | CREAMED
  • Pamela Carter, Antioch, Illinois, USA | NORTH AMERICA | CREAMED
  • René-Paul Carrupt, Valais, Switzerland | ESPECIAL

  • Jeronimo Viñas, Prairies, Uruguay | WORLD | LIGHT
  • Mark Verspaget, Brabant, Netherlands  | WORLD | LIGHT
  • Nick Thill, West Bend, Wisconsin, USA | NORTH AMERICA | LIGHT
  • William Brancato, Antioch, Illinois, USA| NORTH AMERICA | LIGHT
  • Camilo Manrique, Casanare, Columbia | WORLD | MEDIUM
  • Hekenoa Te Kurapa, Ruatahuna, New Zealand | WORLD | MEDIUM
  • Cecilia Berg, Fleischmanns, New York, USA | NORTH AMERICA | MEDIUM
  • Kevin Byrd, Glen Alpine, North Carolina, USA | NORTH AMERICA | MEDIUM
  • Gideon Ticha, Jungles, Cameroon, Africa |WORLD | DARK
  • Celio HM da Silva, Santa Catarina, Brazil | WORLD | DARK
  • Matt Lee, Birmingham, Alabama, USA | NORTH AMERICA | DARK
  • Hank Cronin, Moretown, Vermont, USA | NORTH AMERICA | DARK
  • Lászlo Gujka, Szolnok, Hungary | WORLD | MONOFLORAL “Indigo Bush”
  • Adrián Dominguez, Valladolid, Spain | WORLD | MONOFLORAL “Lavender”
  • Ivan Zubović, Istarska, Croatia | WORLD | CREAMED
  • Manuel Garrido Baños, Carrion de los Condes, Spain | WORLD | CREAMED
  • Hope Anderson, Pahoa, Hawaii, USA | NORTH AMERICA | CREAMED
  • Jean Coppens, Alberta, Canada | NORTH AMERICA | CREAMED
  • Nicole Lindsey, Detroit, Michigan, USA | ESPECIAL

Links to pictures coming soon!


The high spike in shipping impacted the number of entries from outside the USA and Canada, such there were approximately equal numbers from N. America (USA and Canada) as came from the rest of the World.

There were not enough specifically labeled monofloral honeys from  N America to justify its own Category – so instead we created an “Especial” Category which included the highest scoring honeys outside of their categories. In this case, the Grand Prize Winner was actually the number four scoring honey in “N. Amer. Creamed“ coming into the Finals, yet it won Grand Prize with the 11 judges on our Finals panel. This illustrates the great variation in taste among human beings:)

Runner-up in any category that supplies the Grand Champion automatically assumes that Category Winner.