9th Annual Black Jar | 2020 Contest Results

The World’s Best Tasting Honey award goes to…

Carlos Piston Braggio of Arroyo Cunapiru, Uruguay. Congratulations!

This year’s Black Jar Contest was a success and the long-awaited Grand Prize for World’s Best Tasting Honey was respectfully awarded on June 11th, 2020!

Congratulations to Carlos Piston Braggio for enduring the comprehensive judging and coming out on top in this year’s competition. It’s an impressive feat, and his name will grace the “World’s Best Tasting Honey” trophy until 2021 when a new champion may take his place.

Don’t forget this is an annual process. We have already received entries for next year. As the contest grows, so does the Grand Prize. Cash awards are funded by the $10 entry fee and sale of the unopened labeled honeys. This year’s 9th International Black Jar Grand Prize is $3500!

This year, due to Covid-19, we cancelled the Black Jar event that is usually held in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville. Instead, we held the judging at a private event at Aloft Hotel in Downtown Asheville, and streamed part of the event on Facebook live. Judges gathered, practicing recommended social distancing, and focused on selecting the winners in ten judging categories. Those winners moved ahead, neck-and-neck, for the Grand Prize. Since the honey jars were covered in black cloth during the judging process, the categories and results were not revealed until judging was completed.

Here are the 9th Annual Black Jar International Honey Contest Winners and Finalists:

  • Grand Prize, South of the Equator: Carlos Piston Braggio, Arroyo Cunapiru, Uruguay
  • Mainland Europe: Mark Verspaget, Helmond, Netherlands
  • Mediterranean: Giovanni Gargano, Puglia, Italy
  • Far North: Ville Rinta, Isokyro, Finland
  • Middle East: Ubeydullah Subasi, East Anatolia, Turkey
  • South of the Equator: Oliver Laurent, Fort Dauphin, Madagascar
  • Western USA: David Copeland, Stephenville, Texas
  • Northeastern USA: Jennifer Allard, Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Southeastern USA: Andrew Simon, Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Carolinas: Vladimir & Lydia Vdoichenko, Anderson, South Carolina
  • Dark Honey: Jeffrey Thomas, Delanco, New Jersey
  • Mainland Europe: Rene Paul Carrupt, Muraz, Switzerland
  • Mainland Europe: Santiago Escribano, Zamora, Spain
  • Mediterranean: Jonathan Tanti, Haz-Zebug, Malta
  • Mediterranean: Gokhan Aydogdu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Far North: Jon Sorum, Sandefjord, Norway
  • Far North: Sandra Lagace, Cathcart, Canada
  • Middle East: Yael Farbstein, Kedumim, Israel
  • Middle East: Yael Farbstein, Kedumin, Israel
  • South of the Equator: Jeronimo Vinas O’Neil, Nueva Carrara, Uruguay
  • Western USA: Jason Riedel, Reno, Nevada
  • Western USA: Tim Douglas, Garden City, Kansas
  • Northeastern USA: Ted Sennes, Houston, Minnesota
  • Northeastern USA: William Brancato, Des Plaines, Illinois
  • Southeastern USA: William Bowen, Lebanon, Virginia
  • Southeastern USA: Wayne Vancleave, Pace, Florida
  • Carolinas: Janet Peterson, Fletcher, North Carolina
  • Carolinas: Luis Olvera, Hendersonville, North Carolina
  • Dark Honey: Gokhan Aydogdu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Dark Honey: Kelly Burns, Dandridge, Tennessee