12th Annual | 2023 Results

The World’s Best Tasting Honey award goes to…

José Meseguer of Castello, Spain. Congratulations!

The 12th annual International Honey Tasting Competition was once again held along with our Second Annual Asheville Honey Fest at The Salvage Station.  The Grand Prize for the World’s Best Tasting Honey was announced on June 4th!

Congratulations to José Meseguer for being voted Grand Prize Winner at this year’s competition. It’s an impressive achievement to be recognized as the producer of the “World’s Best Tasting Honey” throughout the year until 2024 when a new champion will be announced.

Entries are already being submitted for next year’s contest. Cash awards are funded by the HoneyFest entry fee and sale of unopened honey. The 12th annual International Black Jar Grand Prize rose to $6,000 in 2023!

The Black Jar Event easily filled its larger venue, and we are pleased to observe its continued growth.  Look forward to another year of world competition, excitement, and family entertainment in 2024. Proceeds fund the Center for Honeybee Research as we continue working on behalf of honeybee and pollinator survival.

Here are the 12th Annual Black Jar International Honey Contest Winners and Finalists:

  • Grand Prize: José Meseguer, Castello, Spain
  • Stephen Ingle, Fair Play, SC | NORTH AMERICA | DARK HONEY
  • Martin Volansky, Bardejov, Slovakia | WORLD | DARK HONEY
  • Andrea Viszlai, Budapest, Hungary | WORLD | MONOFLORAL “Silkweed”
  • Jennifer Frazier, Homer, Alaska| NORTH AMERICA | MONOFLORAL “Fireweed”
  • Kent Pegorsch, Waupaca, WI | NORTH AMERICA | MEDIUM AMBER
  • Martin Volansky, Bardejov, Slovakia | WORLD | MEDIUM AMBER
  • Carlos Piston, Prairies, Uruguay | WORLD | CREAMED
  • James Key, Jr., Bethel, VT | NORTH AMERICA | CREAMED
  • Mark Verspaget, Brabant, Netherlands | WORLD | LIGHT AMBER
  • Tim Douglass, Garden City, KS | NORTH AMERICA | LIGHT AMBER
  • Bob Clark, Colts Neck, NJ | NORTH AMERICA | DARK
  • Giorgi Maisuradze, Hershey, PA  | NORTH AMERICA | DARK
  • Diego Tejedor, Cantabria, Spain | WORLD | DARK
  • Georges Lenferna, Gauteng, South Africa | WORLD | DARK
  • Charlie Oak Blakely, Hendersonville, NC | NORTH AMERICA | MONOFLORAL “Blk. Locust”
  • Blake Shook, Blue Ridge, TX | NORTH AMERICA | MONOFLORAL “Tallow Tree”
  • Ken Coyle, Kitchener, ON, Canada | NORTH AMERICA | MEDIUM AMBER
  • Mary Defoe, Hohenwald, TN | NORTH AMERICA | MEDIUM AMBER
  • Ronen Kadosh, Kidmat, Israel |WORLD | MEDIUM AMBER
  • Manuel Valido Martell, Canary Islands | WORLD | MEDIUM AMBER
  • Taawi Te Kurapa, Ruatahuna, New Zealand | WORLD | CREAMED
  • Andrea Viszlai, Budapest, Hungary | WORLD | CREAMED
  • Faiz Alshamari, Ha’il, Saudi Arabia | WORLD | MONOFLORAL “Sidr”
  • Georges Lenferna, Gauteng, South Africa | WORLD | MONOFLORAL “Artemesia”
  • Tim Douglass, Garden City, KS | NORTH AMERICA | CREAMED
  • Lisa Romero, Champaign, IL | NORTH AMERICA | CREAMED
  • Bojan Donko, Lendava, Slovenia | WORLD | LIGHT AMBER
  • Robert Savage, Sandwich, MA | NORTH AMERICA | LIGHT AMBER
  • Byron Felker, New Albany, IN | NORTH AMERICA | LIGHT AMBER

Links to pictures and video from the event coming soon!