11th Annual | 2022 Results

The World’s Best Tasting Honey award goes to…

Genevieve & Richard Drutchas of Worcester, Vermont. Congratulations!

This year’s International Honey Tasting Competition was a success within our First Annual AVL Honey Fest at The Salvage Station along the river in Asheville, NC..  The Grand Prize  World’s Best Tasting Honey was respectfully announced on June 5th, 2022 from the main stage!

Congratulations to Genevieve & Richard for surviving the comprehensive judging and coming out on top in this year’s competition. It’s an impressive feat, and their name will grace a plaque on the front of the “World’s Best Tasting Honey” trophy until 2023 when a new champion may take their place.

Don’t forget this is an annual process. We have already received entries for next year. As the contest grows, so does the Grand Prize. Cash awards are funded by the $10 entry fee and sale of the unopened labeled honeys. This year’s 11th International Black Jar Grand Prize rose to $5,500 from $5,000 in 2021!

The Black Jar Event, usually held in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville, moved to a larger venue and we hope it continues to grow.  It unfolded with honey themed vendors, bands, stilt-walking bees, food trucks and family-friendly entertainment.

Here are the 11th Annual Black Jar International Honey Contest Winners and Finalists:

  • Grand Prize:  Genevieve & Richard Drutchas of Worcester, Vermont, USA
  • Europe:  Giavanni Gargano    |   Puglia, Italy
  • Central & S. America:  Celio H.M. da Silva   |  Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • North America:  Loreli Fister   |   Corvalis, Oregon
  • Middle East:  Gokhan Aydogdu   |  Mt. Ida, Turkey
  • Far East:  James Clough   |   Oldbury, W. Austraila
  • Africa:  Owen & Christa Williams   |   Knysna, South Africa
  • Islands:  Manuel Valido-Martel   |    Las Palmos, Canary Islands
  • Monofloral:  David Pantsulaia  (“Acacia”)   |    Tbsili, Georgia 
  • Dark Honey:  Jeffery Thomas  |   Delanco, New Jersey, USA
  • Creamed Honey:  Taawi Te Kurapa    |   Ruatahuna, New Zealand
  • Middle East:  Faiz Ashammari     |   Ha’il, Saudia Arabia
  • Middle East:  Ozlem Yurtseven   |  Cannakale, Turkey
  • Far East:  Arthur Au     |    Hong Kong
  • Islands:  Mario Axisa   |     Gudja, Malta
  • Islands:  Fritz Lafontant   |   Centre de Formation, Haiti
  • Europe:  Jose Meseguer   |   Castello, Spain
  • Europe:  Martin Volansky   |   Bardejov,  Slovakia
  • Far East:  James Clough    |   Oldbury, W. Australia
  • North America:  Ken Coyle   |    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • Central & S. America:  Shuni Giron    |   Tikal,  Guatamala
  • Central & S. America:   Mr. Tuma   |   Yucatan, Mexico
  • Dark Honey:  Bojan Donko   |   Lendava, Slovenia
  • Dark Honey:  Santiago Escribano   |   Zamora, Spain
  • Creamed Honey:  Brane Kozinc   |   Lesce, Slovenia
  • Monofloral:  Cesar May (“Toitsil Che'”)   |   Valladolid, Mexico
  • Monofloral:  Andrea Viszlai  (“Linden”) |   Budapest, Hungary
  • Africa:  Ernest Simeoni    |   Nairobi, Kenya
  • Africa:  Pa John Ticha    |    Cameroon
  • North America:  Wayne Vancleave   |   Milton, Florida, USA

Links to pictures and video from the event coming soon!

Melipona Honey Tasting

During this year’s International Honey Tasting Contest we were privileged to try 5 sacred Melipona Honeys from the Yucatan’s stingless honeybee.

1.  César May – Meliponario Muuk’ O’olal. – Valladolid, Mexico
2 . U Yitz Ka’an EcoAgricultural School – Mani, Mexico
3. Francisa Moo Yah – Meliponario T’alkunaj Kaab – Valladolid ,Mexico
4. Consolación Puc- Meliponario Rosi -Tixcacalcupul, Mexico
5. Celsa Noh Ucan – Meliponario U NAJIL Kab- Santa Eleuteria, Mexico

We are pleased to announce that the WINNER of the Melipona Category  is Consolacíon Puc.

She is the first recipient chosen by the MayanMeliponaBee.Org project to receive bee hives!
She is also featured in the article that is currently running in the Tribune Paper.

The Center For Honeybee Research is considering this as a category for next year’s International Honey Tasting Contest.