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Help us create a better world for honeybees!

The Center for Honeybee Research is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and relies on your support to continue our honeybee conservation initiatives and educational programs for the community. Adopting or sponsoring a Center for Honeybee Research hive is a great way to support us and get your business or name on one of our hives.

Center for Honeybee Research offers a Sponsor-A-Hive program designed to allow businesses to support our local honeybee conservation efforts.

You can sponsor or adopt a hive for one, two, or more years. Each hive adoption includes a logo, name, or in memoriam on the individual, sponsored or adopted hive. You can also sponsor a hive at your business. Your sponsorship goes toward the maintenance of all of our hives, sustaining our apiary, building new hives, data collection and our continued honeybee research.

Our Asheville hives are located at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Asheville and at the Center in west Asheville. Additionally, check out all the hives we monitor across the world.

Honeybees are a vital part of the world’s ecosystem. The decline of the honeybee population poses a real threat to our food supply and the balance of nature.

01For Businesses

In June of 2012, Asheville was named “Bee City USA” and in June of 2015, the Renaissance Asheville Hotel decided to offer a home to two hives in the middle of downtown. The hotel is thrilled to be able to contribute to creating sustainable habitats for pollinators.

Guests are able to observe the bee hives from their guest room windows or hallway windows, getting a better idea of how busy honeybees can be.

Our Sponsor-A-Hive program provides businesses with the following (depending on level of participation):

  • The business logo on one of our hives
  • Your logo and highlight on our website sponsor page
  • A certificate of your business’s participation as a sponsor in the Sponsor-A-Hive program
  • Promotion on Center for Honeybee Research social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram). Promotion will be ongoing and updated when necessary.
  • Beekeeping education, training and support
  • Your very own hive

Our Sponsor-A-Hive program offers several options for your business. Please fill out the form below for more information and pricing about the program.

    02For Individuals

    The Center for Honeybee Research’s hives are located in West Asheville, NC. The colonies inhabit identical Langtroth hive bodies in two apiaries (the Upper Yard and Lower Yard) and are separated by 600 feet; all hives face south. The Upper Yard may in some ways be considered a control group because it remains treatment-free.

    The yards are separated to investigate the correlation between mite populations and colony survival.

    The Lower Yard is maintained in accordance with currently recommended best management practices: the overwhelming majority of academia and industry pundits view Varroa destructor as the most critical threat to colony survival, and consider the insertion of miticides within colonies as a lesser evil.

    By adopting a hive from the Center for Honeybee Research you are helping us continue with our important research. Our data collection and research not only helps us find the answers to what is killing the honeybee, but also helps us to help beekeepers with best practices in beekeeping.

    Our Adopt-A-Hive program allows individuals to contribute to sustaining the honeybee, and contribute to the pollination of local plants and fruit and vegetable gardens. This program is great for those who love bees but are allergic, or without the time or capability to ​take care of their own beehives. Adopt-A-Hive can also make a wonderful gift to a friend or loved one​ who loves honeybees.

    • Your name, in tribute of, or in memory of on a plaque one of our hives
    • A certificate of your participation, your gift, tribute or in memoriam in the Adopt-A-Hive program
    • Visits to the Center (by appointment)

    Our Adopt-A-Hive program allows individuals to donate to a great cause. Please fill out the form below for more information and pricing about the program.

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      Volunteers are the backbone of our organization