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The Center for Honeybee Research is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization dedicated to education and research to help solve the honeybee crisis.

Honeybee colonies are failing to survive winter as never before in their 50 million year history.

Center for Honeybee Research exists to provide unbiased data straight from the hives of beekeepers all over the world, freely available to the public.

We are taking the lead in systematically collecting scientific data to give us answers to the pressing issues plaguing the honeybee.

Why we do what we do

The Center for Honeybee Research’s goal is to collect and share information

on the importance of honeybees for humans and the environment through:


Collaborating with universities and researchers to develop solutions for honeybee conservation.

Data Sharing

Monitoring and sharing essential data from beehives across the world.

Volunteer Education

Hands-on education at the Center during the beekeeping season.

Want to BEE a part of a great team?

Volunteer at the Center for our citizen-science project conducted throughout the beekeeping season. Don’t worry, we’ll provide the beekeeper threads!

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