A Facility for Pollinator Sustainability

A place to conduct non-proprietary research toward the preservation of pollinators and the world’s food supply.

The Center for Honeybee Research is pursuing its vision for an environmentally friendly research complex that consolidates testing methods to tell us unequivocally why bees are dying. We will collaborate with the National Bee Lab and allied universities to identify equipment requirements as well as the ideal layout for a Research Complex that can test for bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and DNA.

Central to the Research Complex will be a worldwide data network that incorporates video and audio streaming to monitor and record colony activity in remote locations. The data we collect will be stored in a repository that serves as a central clearinghouse for information. Questions from researchers with whom we register and build relationships can then be paired with others who are likely to have the answers. Thus, through this facility, we will collaborate on research projects around the globe.

Additionally, the complex can conduct tours and demonstrate multiple earth-sustaining systems essential for human survival. People seeking volunteer and training opportunities with top experts will be drawn to the beautiful Asheville area to perform cutting-edge research.

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