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A message from our founder…

Carl Chesick, Executive Director

For thirteen years, the Center for Honeybee Research has been systematically assessing honeybee colonies to establish a baseline for normal patterns. With the data we’ve been collecting, our intention is to serve as a data bank for researchers worldwide to find an answer to the question, “Why are pollinators dying?” Ultimately, if we can know unequivocally why they are dying, we are in a better position to solve the problem.

Our research objectives include:

  • Develop a searchable, open-source database to provide global access to our research
  • Provide real-time observation of bee colonies across the planet
  • Build a research laboratory for scientific analysis and collaboration

Through cooperation with the research community, our goal is to discover the answer to why bees and pollinators are dying before the problem escalates and the balance of the environment suffers.

We appreciate your interest and welcome your voluntary and financial support.

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