The Black Jar Honey Contest


Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 – Salvage Station – Asheville, N.C.

Each year, hundreds of beekeepers from around the world enter the world’s largest honey contest with hopes of winning the title of the world’s best-tasting honey. Although the official contest is held in June, contestants are asked to enter their honey by March 1, 2024, in order for judging to begin. Because we receive so many entries, different preliminary judging dates are held. Each winner moves up until 30 finalists are chosen to compete at The Black Jar Honey-Tasting Contest on June 2, 2024.

In other honey contests, “perfection” is key to judging. Honey is judged on moisture content, clarity, foam, and particles, with points being deducted for each defect found. The Black Jar is set up to rely solely on the taste of each entry. The honey that makes it to the finals is covered in black fabric so the judges cannot see the visual characteristics or what’s in the honey. We choose this form of judging because we respect the unique flavors that bees bring back to the hive as they visit different flowers. We understand and appreciate the varieties and flavors that will be found all over the world.

Once again The Black Jar will be held alongside Asheville HoneyFest. Come to the Salvage Station on Sunday, June 2nd and join the Center for Honeybee Research and Shanti Elixirs in celebration of all things bees, pollinators, and honey. Enjoy music, food, drink, and more! Guests will have the opportunity to watch local celebrity judges sample the entries to determine the world’s best-tasting honey. Check back to learn when Asheville HoneyFest 2024 tickets go on sale. 

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Deadline: Entries must be received or post-marked by March 1, 2024

Due to difficulties in shipping, entries may be packaged in unbreakable containers (1 liter/quart is approx. 3 pounds US/ 1.35Kg) which the Center will transfer into glass queenline jars. Two beekeeper labels must be included for attaching. These labels should be sized to fit a one pound jar. Please visit Contest Rules.

Grand Prize is $7,000 U.S.  –  blue ribbon  –  name added to trophy and Center website  – bragging rights for the whole world

We will also award $150 each to winners in ten categories – which will be determined based upon the qualities and quantity of entries received. For answers to frequently asked questions click here.

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