Honey Highlight: 2020 Mediterranean Winner

Beekeeper: Jonathan Tanti

Mediterranean – Haz-Zebug, Malta

How long have you been a beekeeper?

I’ve been beekeeping for 17 yrs.

Why did you become a beekeeper?

I was always interested in nature as I work fields also. When my father saw my interest he bought 1 hive for my 16th birthday. From then onwards I never looked back and brought my brother in the field as well but mostly I take care of the hives.

How many hives and what species of honeybee do you nurture?

At the moment I have 52 hive being a mix of the native sub species Apis Mellifera Rutneri and other imported species back in the 80’s. The mix occurs due to the size of our island.

What is your favorite thing about beekeeping?

Swarm making.

What are the floral sources for your bees?

We have three honey seasons:

Multiflora: a mix of citrus flowers, clover, Mediterranean thistle, and Yellow in color.

Wild Thyme or Summer Honey: mostly wild thyme. and orange in color.

Autumn Honey: mostly eucalyptus and carob honey. Dark brown to black in color.

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