Honey Highlight: 2023 Grand Prize Winner


Beekeeper: José Meseguer

Castelló, Spain

How long have you been a beekeeper?

José: I am a small beekeeper from the Mediterranean area, specifically from Vallibona, a small village in the region of “Els Ports” in the province of Castelló, Spain. The tradition has passed from father to child for three generations so far.

Why did you become a beekeeper?

José: The beekeeping tradition in my family started with my grandfather.

What is your favorite thing about beekeeping?

José: I am passionate to learn everything related to bees so we can produce high-quality honey.

What are the floral sources for your bees?

José: We are located in one of the hidden gems of the country at the Natural Park of “La Tinença de Benifassà.” The topography is characterized by steep rocky slopes that are home to native vegetation with mixed forests of conifers, oaks, pines, junipers, junipers, junipers, holly, and lush trees. The municipality is located between ravines, next to the Cervol River, so the bees live in a totally natural habitat far away from cities and industries. Vallibona has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cold winters. The average annual temperature is 20ºC and the average annual rainfall is 220mm, the average humidity is 67%. My hives are located about 700 meters above sea level, where the bees produce honey mainly from thyme, rosemary, and Canary clover among other plants

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